Our History

When the principal need for the young people of our community was basic education, St George’s School was opened in the 1840s. The buildings of the school became the focus of activity for many clubs, events, and activities for the young people.

As the nineteenth century turned into the twentieth the range of after school clubs and activities greatly increased, and the school numbered 600 pupils from 5-14. Between the Wars the uniformed organisations of Scouts, guides and the Church Lads Brigade were prominent. After World War II the work with young people cam under the banner of “The King’s Own” – and we still have the flag which was flown at camps and activities. There are memories of a cycle holiday in Holland and some extant members.

By the end of the twentieth century, these activities had sadly fallen into abeyance. In the 1990s a group of local volunteers refounded a youth club to provide much needed activities and facilities for young people. In 2001 the club was registered as an independent Charity.

Over the last thirty years, the club has run weekly youth club activities, including uniformed groups and the Duke of Edinburgh award. There have been adventure activity weeks across the UK, but also expeditions to Sweden, Austria, Germany, France, and Canada.

Many former members have returned to be youth leaders and volunteers.